Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Platform

Energy/Transportation/The Economy:
Energy security for renters, homeowners and businesses is more critical then ever. I will broaden incentives for businesses and citizens to create renewable energy projects and invest in energy efficiency. I oppose new highway widening when alternative transportation projects are under funded and will work to revive the railroad system in Maine. I believe sustainable investments protect our environment, create jobs, and keep money in the state.

Maine people:
In a budget crisis I will prioritize vital programs for low and middle income Mainers. Universal single payer health care saves Maine citizens and businesses money, while providing everyone with the right to quality health care. We can’t afford not to implement a universal single payer system in Maine! Our future depends on how well we care for each other today.

Sense of Place/Our Environment:
Sustainable development creates healthy, walkable communities, prevents sprawl, and invigorates local economies. I will work to improve our land use practices to promote sustainable development. Future generations deserve to inherit the quality of place that we have been so fortunate to have.

1 comment:

The Eclectic Cleric said...

Hurray Sandy!

I celebrate the values which form the foundation of your platform, and know that you personally possess both the intelligence and the character to be a fine State Representative. Good luck to you in your campaign!

Rev. Dr. Tim W. Jensen
The First Parish in Portland
(Unitarian Univeresalist)